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Tuesday 22 November 2011


Publisher Mohawk Media has today announced the release of a preview issue of its upcoming project, starring history’s most notorious masked highwayman, Dick Turpin.

This issue is available exclusively via the publisher’s groundbreaking line of paperless Eco Comics.

Writer Chris Bunting says: “It’s every writer’s dream to write such a famous, or should I say, infamous character as Dick Turpin. His multi-layered, unpredictable nature makes for great drama. Expect some startling revelations about the life of this legendary lawbreaker.

“Turpin lived at a time when England was more like the Wild West, and criminals faced the death penalty at the gallows. Highwaymen led a very exciting life but often a very short one.

“This 18th Century swashbuckling firebrand was born to be a 21st Century complex comic book character. Dick Turpin’s return is a case of perfect timing.”

The digital and paperless Dick Turpin: Pencil-Only Preview features pencil-art from the first instalment of the upcoming title.

Editor Stuart Buckley explains: “This format allows the reader the opportunity to see Dick Turpin ride again in the untouched, gorgeous art of Salvador Velázquez.

“The creative team gives us a taste of what is to come: forget stuffy historical fiction, this is a comic book cocktail of action-adventure and mystery-thriller featuring one of Britain’s, if not the world’s, most recognisable rogues.

“With his mask and famous steed, Turpin has been the archetype for many highwaymen and outlaws: even the Lone Ranger bears remarkable parallels.”

Dick Turpin: Pencil-Only Preview is a 16-page issue featuring lettered pencil art only, and is available now in various digital formats via the Eco Comics store: for $1.95 (approximately £1.20).

Further details on the Dick Turpin project are due to be announced.

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Extra info:

  • Preview art and images: &
  • For review copies, interviews, images, and further information: Stuart Buckley:
  • To order Dick Turpin: Pencil-Only Preview:
  • About Dick Turpin:
    Born in England in 1706, Dick Turpin became one of history’s most notorious highwaymen. Reports of the day ranged from branding him a ruthless thief to a charming and gallant highwayman. He remains one of the UK’s major cultural icons. For more information:
  • About Mohawk Media:
    Mohawk Media launched in 2008 with the top-selling graphic novel adventures of one of Hollywood’s most instantly recognisable superstars, Mr. T. The publisher followed up with a range of new titles, including Dracula vs. Robin Hood vs. Jekyll & Hyde. Further information: &
  • About Eco Comics:
    A new range of paperless comic books designed with the specific purpose of having a minimal carbon footprint, making Mohawk Media probably the first publisher to take such a groundbreaking, affirmative approach. Eco Comics titles are also available via digital platforms Graphicly and MyDigitalComics. Further information:
  • About the writer & artist:
    British writer Chris Bunting is becoming recognised for making literary and cultural giants accessible to a new generation, while simultaneously pleasing established fans. Such legendary names on his résumé include Mr. T, Action Man, Dracula, Robin Hood and Jekyll & Hyde, and now of course, Dick Turpin.
    Fine Arts Bachelor Graduate, Salvador Velázquez, has worked under a pseudonym as a gallery artist, advertisement illustrator, and graphic designer. His comic books include Swords of Suburbia, while Dick Turpin is his first international project.


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