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Eco Comics wins award!


Eco Comics has today announced that it is a winner of a Green Apple Award.

The award was presented to the comic book and graphic novel publisher during a carbon-neutral ceremony at the House of Commons, Palace of Westminster in London.

The publisher said: “Global deforestation by paper production continues to have a major negative impact on the eco-system. Therefore Eco Comics takes advantage of the emerging digital technologies to produce exclusively in the new frontier of the paperless format.

“The publishing industry, and readers, must realise that wildlife, such as tigers and gorillas, is likely to pay the ultimate price of deforestation: extinction. Even sustainable forestry is not a magic cure-all, shown by the criticism received from leading environmental organisations.

“Our titles are designed to the same physical format as leading print titles, but are kept paperless. The digital platforms also allow the reader an even greater interactive experience. There is no excuse for deforestation due to comic book production.”

In a continuing bid to raise awareness through various initiatives, the publisher recently brought the legendary Green Man to comic books, with the character also becoming its official mascot.

Eco Comics competed against more than 500 other nominations at the awards ceremony.

“That our achievements have already been recognised by the prestigious Green Apple Awards has given us added faith that we are trailblazing the future direction of this industry, and it will help show that paperless is best for both readers and the ecosystem.”

    A donation on the publisher’s behalf has been made to the Green Earth Appeal, whose plantings contribute to the Billion Tree Campaign initiative facilitated by the United Nations Environment Programme.
    Since 1994 the Green Apple Awards have become established as the UK’s major recognition for environmental endeavour among companies, councils, communities and countries. The awards are held by The Green Organisation, an independent, non-political, non-activist, non-profit environment group dedicated to recognising and promoting environmental best practice.
    Judges for the Green Apple Awards are drawn from the Environment Agency, the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health, the Chartered Institution for Wastes Management and other independent bodies.
    The comic book and graphic novel publishing arm of Mohawk Media holds to a simple philosophy: to produce the most environmentally-friendly titles possible. Eco Comics places precedence on stories that entertain over those that attempt to be gritty and dark alone.
    The publisher is committed to producing the highest quality stories: not “webcomics” or print titles which are later turned digital. Beginning to end product, each title is structured exactly like any top quality comic book, but without detrimental impact on environment and wildlife.
    Some of its ‘green’ titles so far include Dracula vs. Robin Hood vs. Jekyll & Hyde; Dick Turpin; Tough Guy; and Green Man.
    To celebrate its Green Apple Award, Eco Comics has released a free comic book showcasing a number of its titles in a variety of digital formats (cover shown above). &

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