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Englishman arrives!





The first-ever comic book starring an all-English superhero – Englishman – has been launched with an edgy new series from award-winning publisher Eco Comics.

Englishman #1 – a free digitally-exclusive title written by Chris Bunting and illustrated by Valentin Ramon – tackles issues facing modern-day England, including surveillance, growing population, political correctness, religion, urbanisation, diminishing self-sufficiency and extremism.

In what is thought to be a world-first, Englishman #1 is a script comic book. By combining script and selected full art pages, the series aims to combine the storytelling strengths of comics, illustrated prose, published stage plays and cinema.

Chris Bunting says: “Englishman isn’t just an English Captain America, or the first ever all-English super hero to star in his own comic book series. It is a social commentary – an extrapolation of current social affairs to see what could become of our country in the near future. Expect dark and edgy – perfectly realised by the art of Valentin Ramon.

“It’s a typically eccentric English experiment – entirely apt for Englishman.”

Englishman will face quintessentially English adversaries such as Greenbelt and the Red Lion, plus famous names from England’s rich history and legend, such as Guy Fawkes and the Cerne Giant.

Englishman #1 is a paperless-exclusive digital issue. It is available now via the Eco Comics store for free download in various digital formats including iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle Fire and Windows 8. It is available from the publisher directly and its digital partners.


ECO COMICS is a comic book and graphic novel publisher committed to a two-fold approach:

1) producing the most environmentally-friendly titles possible

2) producing the most entertaining stories possible. All titles are of top print quality and format, yet remain exclusively paperless and digital. Eco Comics often gains mainstream press headlines, and recently featured on national UK television (Channel 4)

It has received two major environmental awards, including the gold standard Green Apple Award 2013-2014. A few of its ‘green’ titles include: “Tough Guy”; “Dracula vs. Robin Hood vs. Jekyll & Hyde”; and official mascot of Eco Comics, the “Green Man”. Further information:




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